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When we first heard about Bundle Beds and their Kickstarter campaign, we loved the look of them, and were keen to spread the word. The campaign was a roaring success, and once launched, they were kind enough to send us one over.

Now, reviewing the Bundle Bed as a standalone camp bed is something, that because of my back injury I can’t honestly do. Instead, what I’ve decided to do is show you how I use mine.

Bundle Beds perfect for camping

What is it?

Each bundle includes a self inflating mattress which forms the base of the bed, and attached to that is the duvet with lovely soft jersey cotton cover, and a fabulous little striped pillow. The attention to detail and design is simply stunning. Whilst the self inflating mattress is not padded enough for me to use on it’s own, it provides me with a super comfy extra layer of padding and insulation, and I use it on top of my fishing bed, as you can see in the pictures below.


My Bundle Bed rolled out on top of my fishing bed

I’ve used by Bundle Bed on a couple of camping trips now, and to say it’s brilliant would be an understatement. Let’s be honest at £199.99 for the adult sized bed, it’s not cheap, but boy is it beautiful and most importantly, it provides a great nights sleep.

Bundle Beds Design Details

Close up details

It is perfectly designed for camping, with heavy duty clasps and carry straps, which makes it ideal for car campers who want a bit of extra comfort.

Bundle Beds pillow

The built in pillow

When camping in the middle of October, the nights are pretty chilly, and In the past I’ve spent Autumn nights shivering in my sleeping bag, even with a hot water bottle, feather duvet and fleece blankets on top!

Last weekend, I not only slept like a baby, but I was super warm and cosy too – the 15 Tog duvet is fantastic and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever spent a cosier night in my tent.

Bundle Beds camp bed

Best bits

  • The mattress does an excellent job of insulating from the cold
  • The cotton jersey pillow and duvet covers feel so much nicer than the usual nylon sleeping bag fabric
  • The cotton covers can be easily removed and washed
  • The whole things rolls up easily, making it ideal for car camping
  • It’s beautifully well made

The large Bundle Bed retails at £199.99 and the small Bundle Bed retails at £149.99 and there are a couple of different colour options available.

Find out more about Bundle Beds.

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