CamperEx 2016 Show Highlights: Trailers, Caravans & Motorhomes

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As dedicated tent campers, we weren’t expecting to fall in love with a trailer or motorhome, but fall in love we did at CamperEx 2016. Read on for our highlights of the show.

What is CamperEx?

CamperEx is a new outdoors show, aimed mainly at the trailer, caravan and motorhome market. It took place this weekend 8th – 10th January at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre and we spent the day there to bring you some of the highs and lows of the show.


Despite the dominance of caravans and motorhomes, there were some general camping accessories and the odd tent on show too, primarily from the A&E Leisure stand.

CamperEx Liverpool 2016



Knaus Sport & Fun Caravan

From the outside it’s a bit brighter and louder looking than a standard caravan, but once inside this 4-berth caravan, two things become immediately apparent. It’s finished to a high standard, and thought and effort has been put into the interior design; a far cry from the usual bland cream and beige interior which seem to plague many caravan interiors.


We loved it, and whilst the exterior styling is a bit loud, we loved the space and the quality finish inside. It’s a great demonstration of how far caravan design has come in the last few years.

Knaus Sport and Fun Caravan

Loads of storage and the interior styling is modern and funky



The kitchen in this model is fab



Inside the bathroom

Prices start at £14,495, and you can find out more about the Knaus Sport & Fun here.

Teardrop Caravans

These little teardropped shaped trailers certainly have the wow factor, and they are hugely practical, as you don’t need a big, powerful car to tow one as they are lightweight and streamlined.


Built in the UK, Teardrop Caravans are cosy, and can be highly customised to meet your requirements. There’s a sleeping compartment big enough for two, and at the back, a kitchen and storage area, complete with fridge or cool box.

Teardrop Caravan

The kitchen area


We loved the retro styling of these trailers


Prices start at £4,499, and you can find out more about Teardrop Caravans here.

Motorhomes & Caravans Ltd

There is no denying the sheer wonderfulness of having a little house on wheels and exhibitor, Motorhomes & Caravans Ltd had a great selection at the show.

Whilst we love sleeping under canvas, there are certain benefits to be had from owning (or renting) a motorhome…. having a real bed, proper cooker, shower and toilet are luxuries that do make life that little bit easier. To say I was seduced by the idea of a motorhome would be an understatement!

Motorhomes & Caravans Ltd

Rimor Katamarano 12P


Yeah ok it’s a 6 birth, but we thought this was the ideal size for us, and small enough for me to handle on the road


The interior of the Katamarano 12P

The models at the show started from around £34,995, which is quite a lot more than a top of the range tent and camping gear! So I was pleased to find out that Motorhomes & Caravans Ltd sell second hand motorhomes and they also do rentals; and that really got us thinking about the possibilities of going away in a motorhome instead of a tent, something we’re keen to try as soon as possible.

Steven at Motorhomes and Caravans Ltd was super friendly and happy to help

We were particularly taken with the Katamarano 12P and the smaller Hobby Vantana 55 (below). Based on a Fiat Duccato, it’s designed to fit on narrower roads, yet inside it’s incredibly well appointment and spacious.

Hobby Vantana K55 (2016)

Hobby Vantana K55 (2016)

Find out more about Motorhomes & Caravans Ltd here.

Barefoot Caravans

For us, the star of the show was the Barefoot Caravan that we saw. We were utterly gobsmacked by the funky interior styling and incredible attention to detail as well as the feeling of space on the inside, making this little 2 berth caravan, very much the Tardis of the camping world.

Barefoot Caravan

Designed and built in Britain, they might look dinky on the outside, but inside there’s a seating area that turns into a good sized double bed, a spacious kitchen, ample storage and a bathroom. You can tailor lots of different styling details, making it truly bespoke; we think it’s utterly brilliant.

Barefoot Caravan Interior ShotThe gorgeous powder blue and cream kitchen

The modern 50’s inspired interior

barefoot-trailer-camperex-04It’s so cute!

Priced from £21,950, you can find out more about Barefoot Caravans here.


With their retro exterior styling, we were set to love the groovy looking US Rpods, but inside we found tasteless interiors with very poor attention to detail. Let’s be clear, looks do matter, you’ve got to live in the thing for however many days a year, so you want the interior to be to your taste, and this really wasn’t to ours.



Check out the size of this bad boy!


Inside the Rpod

What did we think of CamperEx 2016?

We’d have liked to have seen more tents there, but we’ve come away from the show filled with inspiration and amazed by how far caravan design has moved on, and more than a little bit tempted by the prospect of being able to camp in comfort whatever the weather. We were so inspired in fact, that we have decided that we want to try a motorhome holiday out in the UK later this year!

Wood clad caravan

Look at this little beauty!



This kitchen blew our socks off!

Having seen the comfort and ease that a caravan or motorhome provides, we’ve decided on a new bucket list adventure too. We’re going to take a months sabbatical and spend the time living in a motorhome and exploring the natural beauty of Scotland.

We’ll have to spend a couple of years saving up to make it happen, but it’s lovely to have come away feeling so enthused and with some new travel goals too.

Shell Robshaw-Bryan
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