GEAR | CimAlp Ladies Hoggar Technical Walking Trousers – Review

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What I Tested

CimAlp Ladies Hoggar Technical Walking Trousers
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Technical Features

  • Waterproof, breathable and lined
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Stretch, comfort fit
  • UV protection of 40 UPF

The Verdict

The CimAlp Hoggar 2 ladies trousers a lightweight, but thanks to their mesh liners I found that they kept me warm even on very chilly days. My only complaint (which is more of a complaint about the volume of junk in my trunk to be honest), is that thy didn’t sit as high up on me as I like walking tousers to sit.

Ladies Hoggar walking trouser review

For me, the higher the waist the better, and these did seem to sit a little lower than for example my Craghoppers trousers. That said, they are comfortable to wear and provide unrestricted movement, so ideal for the kind of walking I do which usually involves scrambles.

Reinforced section on inside leg of trousers

Some of the features I liked in particular include the reinforced and adjustable ankle which can be cinched in tight around your boots or to accommodate your gaters by using a simple velcro adjustor.

Adjustable cuffs

I also really liked the cargo pant styling of the trousers which I think looks a bit cooler than walking trousers that taper in. The zipped pockets are super useful too as I always get a bit paranoid that car parking tickets, keys and so on will fall out of pockets, so the zips keep everything nice and secure.

CimAlp Ladies Walking Trousers

Although I’ve not walked in them during a torrential downpour yet, they kept me dry during a rain shower and I always plonk myself on the grass to have a bit of a sit down part way through a walk, and on damp ground, again I stayed dry. I’ve also since worn them walking on the beach in Cornwall during very windy weather and had sea spray all over me, which simply beaded and ran off the trousers.

I liked the leg length too, as although I am only average height at 5.6″ I seem to have quite long legs, and always prefer trousers on the longer side that gather slightly on top of my walking books. So if you are looking for a great pair of ladies waterproof walking trousers, the CimAlp Hoggar 2 have got lots going for them and make a great choice for walking no matter what the season.

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