CAMPING | 5 Expert Family Camping Photography Tips

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There’s honestly nothing quite like leaving the daily grind behind in order to experience the beauty and wonder of nature, especially if you’re bringing your family along with you. But how do you perfectly capture those special moments that you’re sharing?

We’re delighted to bring you some top tips from photography expert, Hamish McLaren, that will help you to make the most of your camera during your  camping trip.

Expert Photography Tips from Hamish Watson

Leave the Mobile Phone Behind

Mobile phone cameras have got much better in the past few years, and they are perfectly capable of taking some great photos. But when you’re trying to capture memories that you’ll want to frame, leave the mobile behind. Cameras are actually fairly affordable, especially if you’re looking at a point and shoot camera, and are generally capable of creating a much higher quality photo.

Invest in a DSLR

One thing you’ll want to figure out before your camping trip is whether you want to go with a point and shoot camera (also known as a mirrorless camera) or a DSLR. DSLR cameras are what more professionals use.

Not only is the resolution amazing on a DSLR, you also have the option to change lenses, giving you the best chance to get that once-in- a-lifetime shot.

But remember: DSLR cameras do add bulk and can be quite expensive, so if you don’t plan on using it often, stick with something a little less expensive.

Expert Photography Tips from Hamish Watson

Look For Candid Shots

Mum sees a gorgeous tree and yells at the kids to go and sit prettily on it. They pose and smile and she takes the photo. Who wants a photo like that? How about, instead, mum tells the kids to go play on the tree – hang upside down, hug it, chase each other around it, play peek a boo with it and then snaps the shots.

This results in candid shots that are much more natural and full of personality. Having one or two posed shots is fine, but try to avoid taking any more than that and focus on finding those candid shots.

Remember: you don’t have to have someone’s face in the photo to make it a fantastic shot.

Shoot from Unusual Angles

Standing still and shooting straight ahead of you is boring. What happens if instead of standing up and taking a photo you drop to the ground on your belly. How does the perspective change? How about climbing on a higher rock and shooting a photo of your hiking family straight down (safely, of course)?

Never be afraid to go for the strange angle. Sometimes it is those photos that come out absolutely stunning.

Expert Photography Tips from Hamish Watson

Look for the Light

Lighting is key in photography and when you’re camping, it’s all around you. The deep, dark forest that has only a few spears of light coming through the treetops, the gorgeous sun setting behind the hills. Make the light work for you. By using the light you’ll be able to get creative shots that will definitely be something you want to frame and hang on your wall.

Whilst camping is a great time to take photos, don’t forget to enjoy time with your family as well and don’t get too caught up with constantly trying to capture the perfect shot! Spend some time behind the lens but also make sure that you’re spending even more time in front of it making memories.

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