Underdog Coffee Company Fairtrade Organic Coffee That’s Perfect For Camping!

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If you love coffee and have been searching for an easy way to get the perfect brew when camping, Underdog Coffee bags could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Underdog coffee bags for camping

What is it?

Underdog coffee bags are ideal for camping. Just pop a coffee bag in your mug, pour in hot water and you’re ready to drink delicious coffee on the go!

The verdict

Coffee bags are a true revelation – just like tea bags, but bigger, containting freshly ground coffee inside – and these from Underdog Coffee Company, are a joy to drink. In fact we’ve gone through the entire pack already as we’ve been drinking it at home so often!

I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine so after a 2-year hiatus during which time I consumed no caffeine at all, the smell of my other half drinking coffee had become just too much to resist, so I started allowing myself just one cup a day a few weeks ago, so this coffee couldn’t have come into my life at a better time!

Underdog coffee bags for camping

Of course, we’ve been on lockdown for several weeks now so taking them out on a camping trip hasn’t been possible, but we have camped out in the garden!

Regardless of when or where you want to use them, this coffee is so easy to make, pop in a coffee bag, pour in hot water and you’re ready to go. I do like my coffee fairly strong and I drink it black too, so I tend to leave the coffee bag in whilst I drink, but you’re meant to leave it in for a couple of minutes before removing.

If coffee bags aren’t for you, you can also get the same Firefly coffee blend that we tried in pods, wholebean and ground with several other blends to choose from too if you want something a little mellower or even richer.

Final thoughts

The Firefly blend provides a great rich taste (without being too intense) and it’s packed full of flavour, we can’t get enough of it! These Underdog Coffee bags are ideal for camping, but also great for taking out and about, particularly if you’re glamping or staying over in a hotel, but be warned, this coffee is so good you’ll probably end up drinking it at home too like we did!

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to Underdog Coffee Company for supplying us with the featured product. We were not paid to write this review.

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