Articles to help you Improve your wellbeing by living more mindfully, spending more time outdoors and learning the art of meditation.
Wild natural deodorant review

WELLBEING | The Truth About My Experience of Transitioning To Natural Deodorant

Wondering what the transition from aluminium antiperspirants to natural deodorant is really like? I share the gross, stinky truth about switching to natural deodorants.

CBD Review

WELLBEING | My 30 Day Naturopathica CBD Wellbeing Experiment

🕒 5 minute read I write a lot about wellbeing here on the Camping with Style blog, because for me, camping...

My 2 Month Gratitude Journal Experiment

WELLBEING | Does A Gratitude Journal Really Increase Wellbeing? My 2 Month Gratitude Journal Experiment

Can keeping a gratitude journal really lead to greater happiness? Scientific research claims that amongst other things, writing down the things we're grateful for really can make us feel happier, so I took part in a 2 month experiment to find out for myself.

Lockdown 2.0

WELLBEING | Why Does Covid-19 Lockdown Feel Harder Second Time Around?

Why is it then, having already endured a much longer and tougher lockdown earlier this year, that the second, shorter lockdown is taking such a mental toll on us?

WELLBEING | Ahead Of World Mental Health Day, NHS Approved Cognitive Training App Sees Record Downloads

The MyCognition app has seen a 184% rise in downloads when compared with March 2019 according to the NHS GoodThinking website. Read on.

The Happiness Half Hour Podcast

WELLBEING | The New Happiness Half Hour Podcast Reveals The Science Of Happiness

A new podcast brings the University of Bristol’s ground-breaking ‘Science of Happiness’ course to BBC Sounds.

Open Water Swimming With Uswim

ACTIVE | How The Global Covid-19 Pandemic Lead To Me Discovering A Passion For Open Water Swimming

After months of lockdown and missing swimming, I was craving water so signed up for an open water swim workshop with Uswim, Boundary Water Park Cheshire.

NEWS | We’re Getting More Screen Time Than Ever During Lockdown: What Does This Mean for Our Mental Health?

From the 18th to the 24th of May, we are celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week. This year’s theme is ‘kindness’ and, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more necessary than ever.

Lockdown crafting ideas

WELLBEING | Ideas & Inspiration For Surviving Lockdown – Craft Something, Learn Something!

Chase away potential boredom and stop yourself getting cabin fever by learning something new or crafting something.

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

WELLBEING | Let’s Be Kind & Support Each Other Over The Coming Months Yeah?

How are you feeling? Even if you haven’t got a cold or a nasty winter bug (I’ve currently got tonsillitis)...

WELLBEING | Getting Crafty (and mindful!) With A Crochet Class at Black Sheep Wools

Join me as I spend a day learning to crochet in the hope that taking up a new craft will work wonders for my stress levels and general wellbeing.

Peak District Walk Roaches January 2020

WALKS | A Winter Wellbeing Walk in The Peak District & Thoughts on Resilience

I’m not a big fan of January. I adore the run up to the festive period but tend to find...

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