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We are always keen to make life easy when we are camping, but at the same time, we hate having to resort to tinned or packet foods (though for families they can be a life saver).  We usually cook all meals from scratch, and often prep at home to make life easier once on site. We’ve got a number of easy camping meals that we always fall back on (see my fave camping meals here), but on our latest camping trip, I had a flash of inspiration.

Yummy Sweet Chilli Prawn Stir Fry

Doing our usual pre-camp supermarket shop, I happened upon some pre-prepared veg bags and instantly wondered why on earth we’d never thought of doing a stir fry when camping before. With everything being already chopped and prepped, it was a breeze to prepare and super tasty. Our ingredients came from Tesco, but i’ve since checked out Waitrose and they do a similar range, so it’s a safe bet the following is easy to pick up in any supermarket.

  • Beansprouts
  • Noodles
  • Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Sauce
  • King Prawns
  • Pre-chopped Bag of Mixed Stir Fry Veg
  • Olive Oil Spray

Of course this is only possible if you have a decent cool box or camp fridge. Please don’t consider taking fish, dairy or meat with you, if you don’t have a good cooler. Your typical  cool box, won’t even keep food at fridge temperature for a full day, so do bear this in mind.

Our Coleman Xtreme wheeled cooler keeps ice frozen for 5 days, and with a huge 94 litre capacity, it’s ideal for taking fresh food and lots of pre-prepared meals camping, and is one of our favourite camping buys. It cost me £90, but after 4 years of heavy use, it’s still going strong and is utterly brilliant!

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DISCLAIMER: Camping with Style do not endorse or recommend using any gas appliances inside your tent. All gas appliances should be used with great caution and manufacturers recommendations should always be followed. Even when using portable gas appliances in a well-ventilated area, we strongly recommend you take additional safety measures including the use of a Carbon Monoxide alarm.




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