Pacy II Riding Boots from The Original Muck Boot Company – Review

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Muc Boots Pacy II Review

What we tested

  • Pacy II £110
  • All conditions riding boot
  • The Original Muck Boot Company
  • Buy them here

The verdict

Being a bit of a riding kit junkie, I jumped at the chance to review the Pacy ll All-conditions riding boot from the Original Muck Boot company.

On first glance, they look rugged and the diamond pattern on the boot is a nice touch. Slipping my foot in was easy and felt like I was settling into my favourite slippers. The cushioning was apparent straight away and instilled confidence in that way only your favourite pair of slippers can.

Muc Boots Pacy II Review

Billed as an ‘all conditions riding boot’ I would definitely say they are more of a winter boot. They are warm and protective and feel like they mean business. Wearing them on a hot day, I found them to be a little on the warm side and I felt relief on taking them off. Since we are not blessed with too many heatwaves in Old Blighty, I cannot say that this would pose much of a problem most of the time though.

Muck Boots Pacy Riding Boots Review

In terms of riding, they are definitely more of a yard boot that a strict riding boot. However, for hacking and light flat work they are good. For jumping, cross country or more precise flat work, I would stick to a boot more specifically designed purely for riding because you cannot get the feel and flexibility you require for that sort of discipline with this boot. The reason for this is although they are billed as having a ‘slim profile’, they are actually rather bulky compared to a standard riding boot.

Muc Boots Pacy II Review

If you are looking for something to train in, compete in or for serious schooling, these really won’t cut the mustard but all in all, these boots are a solid choice for mucking out, general yard work, light riding and walking the dog on a non-horsey day.


In summary, the Pacy II from The Original Muck Boot Company is a great all round boot. It’s comfy to wear and easy to get on and off. Do bear in mind that they are a little bulkier than usual riding boots, and they are quite warm to wear so may not be ideal for summer use. All things considered though, the Pacy II is a great boot.

Muck Boots Pacy II Review

The good

  • Good rugged design
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Great for around the yard
  • Bulkier than your usual riding boot, but slimmer than a wellington boot.
  • Lovely and cushioned

The not so good

  • Not recommended for competition or serious schooling
  • Too warm on warmer days


Thank you to The Original Muck Boot Company, for supplying the boots for us to review.




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