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The National Trust is encouraging people to get outdoors this season to make the most of spectacular Autumn displays. The annual spectacle is set to be more dazzling than usual thanks to weather conditions that have been perfect to ensure particularly vivid foliage this year.

Amazingly Vivid Autumn Colour

As well as witnessing the colour of the leaves changing at various National Trust properties up and down the country, enjoying the beautiful colours is easy no matter where you are.

Of course, heading to the countryside means you’ll see more autumn colour, but even urban parks can provide a dazzling display. Indeed, the photos acompanying this piece were all taken at Queens Park in Crewe.

Boost your wellbeing with a bit of outdoors time

Getting outdoors at this time of year is particularly important. With up to a third of the UK population starting to feeling the negative impact of shorter days on their mood, heading outside for a walk and making the most of the diminishing sunlight can help to bolster your wellbeing.

Amazingly Vivid Autumn Colour

So whether you’re an urban dweller or live in the countryside, head on out to your nearest green space and enjoy the riot of colour unfolding up in trees and carpeting the ground everywhere!

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