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Lowa Camino GTX Trekking Boots Review

What are they?

Lowa Camino GTX Trekking Boots RRP: £240



  • Gore-Tex Lining
  • C4 Tongue for Improved Flexibility and Comfort
  • Lowa Flex Technology For Maximum Comfort
  • Roller Eyelets for Adjustability
  • X-Lacing System
  • Resolable
  • Reinforced Rubber Heel and Toe Caps

The Verdict

This is a stylish boot that looks sturdy enough to take on any mountain, river or obstacle that falls in your path. Sizing for a comfortable 10.5 went perfectly for me as the adjustability of the boots is fantastic thanks to the Roller eyelets and X lacing system which together made for a really precise fit as well as allowing room for comfortable walking socks.

Throwing the boots in the deep end right from the off, I headed up to the Cairngorms for a week of hiking to put the boots through their paces.

Wanting to test the Lowa’s with a varied range of environments, the Cairngorms offered the perfect challenge for the boots and they performed brilliantly.

	lowa camino gtx review


My first thoughts were how securely you can mould the boots to be part of your foot. Immediately after securing the laces you really feel solid in knowing that you will get no foot roll or movement inside the boot, consequently, blisters are should be avoided.

Spoiler! this worked exceptionally as by the end of my first week, and many miles covered, not a single blister was to be found. Something truly amazing for a new pair of boots!

	lowa camino gtx review
Lowa Camino GTX review

This brings me smoothly onto my second thought, these shoes are comfy! Having used the boots over; loose terrain, rocky pathways, snowy mountains and tarmac roads, these boots have allowed me to float along in complete comfort my whole trip enabling me to romp down the miles.

Boots as stiff as these would normally lead to a bit of soreness after constant use but, again, the boots surprised me by feeling amazing even at the end of a very long day of walking.

This stiffness also gives you complete confidence when using the shoes on smaller steps or edges, something that is crucial to me as an avid rock climber.


These days the label “waterproof” is slapped on almost any walking boots meaning that I have become somewhat of a sceptic, however these Gore-Tex lined boots have restored my faith. 

Lowa Camino GTX Trekking Boots

Gore-Tex aims to achieve optimum temperature control as well complete waterproofing throughout and I can’t quite emphasis how exceptionally well they have achieved this. On occasion, I have almost fully submerged the boots just to see how much I can push them before my feet get wet and the answer is that the only way water is getting to my feet is over the top of the boot.

The closest comparison I can make is that these have given me welly-like confidence, from deep snow to pouring rain my feet haven’t got the slightest bit wet even once. Huge praise to the Lowa’s and my confidence is restored! 

Final Thoughts

The Lowa Camino GTX, a pair of boots that I genuinely struggled to find any flaws with. All day comfort, waterproofing comparable with a submarine and an endless list of features that complete the picture of a truly awesome travelling companion.

Lowa Camino GTX Trekking Boots

Arguably, I could say that they come in a tiny bit on the weighty side but for a pair of boots as solid as these, this is hardly a surprise and actually something I quite appreciate.

By far and away the Lowa Camino GTX are the best walking boots I have ever owned, and with the benefit of being able to re-sole them, they could potentially last a lifetime and these are a pair of boots I intend on using for many years to come!

Thank you to Lowa for supplying the featured product. We were not paid to write this review.

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