GEAR | Shower In A Can Is The Ideal Festival, Wild Camping & Backpacking Companion – Review

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Shower In A Can

What is it?

Shower in a Can £9.99

A no-rinse dry shower foam with antibacterial properties that promises to leave you feeling clean and fresh without the need for water.


I’ve always been a little dubious about products like this, but when I tried Shower in a Can for the first time last year I was amazed at how effective it was and that it really did leave me feeling much cleaner. Ahead of a wild camping trip I got my hands on another bottle of it, and oh boy did it come in handy!

The verdict

There’s one undeniable truth about camping, especially wild camping or camping at a site with poor facilities, and it’s that staying clean can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. I camp a lot during the summer months, spending days at a time in my tent and getting hot and sweaty is unavoidable.

Whilst many campsites do have a shower block, I do sometimes camp in places where access to showers isn’t possible or the showers aren’t clean enough for me to want to use!

Over the years I’ve perfected a “pits and bits” style of washing involving a flannel, shower gel, washing up bowl and hot water. This works to a point, but does rely on having access to hot water, a bowl and a towel to dry off with after, something you’re unlikely to have at a festival or when wild camping.

Using Shower in a Can

Although the directions tell you that you don’t need to use anything else and you can just apply the product with your hands and then let it dry, I found that I felt cleanest when I used a cloth.

I’d recommend a pump for each location you want to de-stinkify and using either a reusable washable cloth like a flannel or biodegradable body wipes.

Shower in a can review

Although of course, it’s no substitute for a real shower and good personal hygiene, Shower in a Can really does work. It deodorises effetively and makes you feel much cleaner and fresher after use. Genius!

We think that Shower in a Can is ideal for;

  • Wild camping
  • Backpacking
  • Festivals
  • Hiking

Thank you to Shower in a Can who sent us the featured product to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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