CAMPING | Festival Most Wanted Camping Gear of 2018

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Whether you’re visiting a music festival or you’re just on the look out for some funky new camping gear, read on to see our pick of the very best festival and camping gear for 2018!

Festival camping 2018 most wanted

Festival Camping Most Wanted 2018

1. Weekender Bell Tent from Boutique Camping

This new tent has just been launched and provides festival-goers with an amazingly lightweight bell tent, available in funky Aztec print or rainbow pattern – incredible value for money!

2. Selk’bag Chewbacca adult sleeping bag

How cool are these Star Wars sleeping bags? Available in child AND adult sizes (hurrah!). Novelty factor aside, these sleeping bags have a unique, practical design and will keep you toasty.

3. Therm-A-Rest Treo Chair

This chair is tiny and super portable and if it’s muddy at the campsite/festival you’ll be smug as hell as you rest your weary feet.

4. Biodegradale festival body/face glitter

Glitter is horrible for the environment, but this glitter is biodegradable so go crazy – Yipeee!

5. Braven 105 poertable speaker

A diminutive speaker with great sound for the size, rechargeable too so it’s ideal for tunes back at your tent.

6. Infusion adult rain poncho from Field Candy

This fab, funky rain poncho is available in loads of different styles and is ideal for summer music festivals!

7. Snugpak air mat with built in foot pump

A space saving air mattress for a comfy nights sleep with a built in foot pump to save you on space. Brilliant!

8. Haymax hayfever barrier

Suffering from hayfever is a total bummer and this natural barrier is a must for hayfever suffering campers and festival goers.

9. Joules Women’s Mollywelly

A nice pair of comfy, well-fitting wellies is a festival must have and we love the pretty floral print on these wellies from Joules.

10. Solar Charger Power Bank 10,000mAh

This phone charger includes a solar panel, so you can keep your phone topped up all weekend.

11. Andes folding camp trolley

If you’ve got a big tent and loads of stuff, traipsing back and forth from the car park is an ordeal, use a camp trolley and spend more time drinking/dancing.

12. Korres The Greatest Mini Shower Gel collection

A gorgeous set of mini shower gels that will make you feel less like you’re slumming it.

13. Bramble travel pillow

Getting enough shut eye so you can enjoy a festival to the full is essential and this handy little travel pillow will help you sleep soundly.

14. Dock & Bay Microfibre Beach Towel

A decent wash will make you feel human again, so a good compact travel towel is an absolute camping/festival must-have and we love the vibrant colours of these towels.

15. Magic Mirror

A multi-functional mirror that is perfect for camping and festivals, seriously, one of the best products we’ve seen in ages!

16. Poler sleeping bag

A sleeping bag that keeps you warm is one thing, but one that also looks funky as hell is a rare find indeed.

17. Easycamp Daylilly festival tent

A fabulous funky tent ideal for festival camping, and there’s a matching range of accessories available too.

18. Sea Pioneer Portable Camping Chair

A great quality and importantly, lightweight folding chair that’s ideal for festival camping.

19. Summit To Eat Freeze Dried Food

Seriously tasty food that requires no effort to prepare at all, just add boiling water.

20. Unicorn rain poncho

Rain sucks and is pretty much guaranteed at a UK music festival, this handy poncho takes up very little space, also, UNICORNS!

21. Men’s Hunter Wellies

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Hunter wellies in black.

22. Field Candy Infusion 1 Tent

A stunning tent that looks beautiful, is fast and easy to put up and is extremely high quality; ideal for festivals and weekend camping trips.










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