Festival Camping Favourites For Summer 2016

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Spring is here and the big music festivals have already released their headliners. If you’ve bagged yourself tickets and will be heading off to Secret Garden Party, Kendals Calling, Glastonbury or any number of other summer festivals, don’t miss our round up of the very best festival camping gear for Summer 2016.


Gigsak Waterproof Picnic Blanket, Flower Design £30.00

The picnic blanket with a difference, the fab Gigsak turns into a rain shelter too! If it gets chilly you can sit inside it. It’s versatile, funky and ideal for music festivals.

Buy the Gigsak here.

FieldCandy Original Explorer Tent, £295.00

FieldCandy Original Explorer Tent, £295.00

The ultimate festival tent. Year after year FieldCandy make it into our festival must-have recommendations because we’ve camped in their tents, and they are superb quality, come in an array of brilliant designs and are perfect for festivals.

Buy the FieldCandy Original Explorer Tent here.

SUNYOUNGER™ 8000mAh Portable Shockproof Waterproof Dustproof Solar Charger

SUNYOUNGER™ 8000mAh Portable Shockproof Waterproof Dustproof Solar Charger

Having a power source to keep your mobile phone topped up is a festival must. This one is small and sturdy and powerful enough to keep your phone going the whole time you’re wigging out in the field.

Buy the SUNYOUNGER™ Solar Charger Here.

 Easy Camp Pattern Sleeping Bag 2016 £24.99

2016 Easy Camp Pattern Sleeping Bag, £24.99

Insanely good value, we love the funky unisex pattern on this Easy Camp sleeping bag. Ideal for warm summer nights, this range is brand new for 2016.

Buy the Easy Camp Sleeping Bag here.

Quiet Zone Ear Plugs

Reusable Quiet Zone Ear Plugs, £8.49

Sleep. It’s seriously big and clever and festivals really are noisy, making getting some shut-eye nigh on impossible without decent ear plugs. Buy these. You’ll thank me for it later.

Buy the Quiet Zone Ear Plugs here.

Party Poncho for festivals

Tiger Party Poncho Shower Resistant with Drawstring Bag, £11.23

Suitable for light rain showers, this poncho (lots of different styles available, all of them will make you look like a massive joyful idiot) is ideal for festival based buffoonery.

Buy the Party Poncho here.

iGadgitz 3 in 1 Pop Up LED Camping Lantern

iGadgitz 3 in 1 Pop Up LED Camping Lantern/Flashlight, £5.99

You’ll need a torch, unless you can see in the dark, which obviously you can’t. This is cheap and cheerful and acts as a lantern inside your tent and as a torch for when you’re stumbling around. It packs down flat(ish) too. Perfect.

Buy the iGadgitz LED Camping Lantern + Flashlight here

FieldCandy Snoos Pillow

FieldCandy Snoos Brick Pillow, £17.90

Sleep like a erm…brick…with this brilliant travel pillow, which despite its looks, is super comfy and will guarantee a good nights sleep.

Buy the FieldCandy Snoos Pillow here.

Regatta Kivu 3 Tent

Regatta Kivu 3 Festival Tent, £63.92

A great price, for a great little tent. Ideal for 2, this tent has a funky print and importantly, it will stand up to wind and rain too.

Buy The Regatta Kivu 3 Tent here.

Big Body Wipes

Big Body Wipes, £7.99

These are giant wet wipes, the size of a towel and exactly what you need at a festival. With limited, or no shower access, after a day spent dancing in the sunshine they’ll help keep you fresh and pong free.

Buy the Big Body Wipes here

Mens Black Hunter Wellington Boots

Hunter Mens Adjustable Neoprene Lined Wellington Boots, £99.00

Classic mens wellington boots from Hunter. They are comfy and beautifully well made and they’ll last you a lifetime of festivals too.

Buy the Hunter Mens Wellington Boots here.

Regatta Hilo 250 Sleeping Bag, £24.22

Regatta Hilo 250 Sleeping Bag, £24.22

This is a lightweight summer sleeping bag that packs down to a small size. Ideal for a summer music festival and it won’t break the bank either.

Buy the Regatta Hilo 250 Sleeping Bag here.

Madru sleeping mask

Madru Sleeping Mask, £19.99

This is designed and made right here in the UK. I’ve got one, and it’s awesome at keeping light out so you can maximise sleep time once you finally pass out.

Buy the Madru Sleeping Mask here

Hi Gear Venture 3 festival tent

Hi Gear Venture 3 Tent, £49.99

The ideal size for 2 people to share for a festival, yes technically it’s a 3-man, but if you want room to breathe, don’t fill it with too many bodies; you’ll need space for your clothes after all. Great value and a step up from the not-very-robust typical cheap popup tent.

Buy the Hi Gear Venture 3 Tent here.

100 Glow Sticks

Pack of 100 Glow Sticks With Connectors, £9.88

Glow sticks are all different kinds of awesome, and these come with connectors so you can make necklaces, bracelets and even weird glowing ball type things. Pop them round guy ropes to stop drunken idiots crashing into your tent at 4am.

Buy the glow sticks here.

Vango Aero Self Inflating Mat

Vango Aero Self Inflating Mat, £45.52

Sleeping on the floor, even when hideously drunk isn’t great, so grab yourself a self inflating mat, so you’ll have something comfy to sleep on once you’re done partying.

Buy the Vango Aero Self Inflating Mat here.

Cath Kidston Blue Scattered Stars Cag Cagoule In A Bag Size Large £38.99 Buy The Cath Kidston Cagoule In A Bag here.

Cath Kidston Blue Scattered Stars Cag Cagoule In A Bag Size Large, £38.99

Yeah OK so a waterproof isn’t exactly cool, but face it, summer in the UK means rain! Being wet sucks, so a decent showerproof, lightweight jacket is a smart buy.

Buy The Cath Kidston Cagoule In A Bag here.

Joules Gloss Ladies Wellies

Joules Gloss Women’s Rain Boots, £33.99

Funky wellies are a festival must-have. These gloss rain boots from Joules are a shorter length so, ideal if the sunshine is out, yet sturdy enough if you end up wading through mud.

Buy These Joules Women’s Rain Boots here.

Easy Camp Festival Tent

Easy Camp Crime Scene Festival Tent, £59.99

A great fun tent design in a classic ridge tent, this Easy Camp tent is good value and the tent will just about sleep 2, just don’t expect much room for gear, which you can stow in the porch area.

Buy the Easy Camp festival tent here.