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Ever fancied camping on the Channel Islands? In this article we reveal some of what the area has to offer, including everything from wild forest foraging, to trips around Puffin Bay. So whether you’re a city-dweller who needs a short break, or you’re an earth-loving hippy who wants to feel the sand between your toes, the Channel Islands have something for you.

Channel Islands Camping

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La Bailloterie Camping

Weekend breaks to Guernsey are the perfect opportunity to get back to nature, and La Bailloterie Camping is the perfect place to start.

Set in 10 acres of stunning rural landscapes, lush green fields and trees surround the site. It’s close enough to town to get to the shops, restaurants and pubs with ease, but also secluded enough to enjoy peaceful mornings and starry night skies.

The gorgeous vista of Amarreurs Harbour is a short walk away, and the secluded Pembroke Bay can be reached through the tranquil L’Ancresse Common. The site is also situated near a number of historical sites, including ancient burial mounds, Napoleonic forts and hidden wartime bunkers for history fans to explore.

Pitches start at £8/10 in the low season per adult/child, going up to a reasonable £10/12 in the high season.

Channel Islands Camping

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WildGuernsey Camping

This is one for the true dedicated nature-lovers out there. WildGuernsey is a campsite with a twist, having an ethical ethos that’s all about caring for Earth and the environment.

Everything done on the site is as eco-friendly and sustainable as it can be, from upcycled bedding, to solar-powered lighting. Visitors can choose to sleep in a traditional communal tipi or rent their own private tipi instead.

WildGuernsey offers a range of educational course, where campers can learn all about permaculture, low-impact living, wild foraging, and more. After learning about sustainable living, head to the nearby coast for a quick dip before heading back to the campsite for a potluck around an open fire.

Prices start at £12 for the basic tipi experience, reaching £150 for a private tipi

Le Vaugrat Campsite

Guernsey’s Le Vaugrat Campsite is set on the island’s north coast, a short walk away from the historic Rousse Tower.

Located in the sprawling grounds of an eighteenth century farmhouse, Le Vaugrat Campsite is an idyllic location for campers who want to relax in a peaceful setting that’s away from the beaten tourist track. The nearby sandy crescent of Port Grat is just a five minute saunter away, and is secluded enough for you to enjoy the island in all its glory. Go rock-pooling, enjoy some local seafood and then return to your tent for a tranquil night under the stars.

Pitches for tents start at £8/13 for adults/children, rising to £33 for Le Vaugrat’s boutique bell tents.

Channel Islands Camping

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Seagull Campsite

The tiny idyllic paradise of Herm plays host to the picturesque Seagull Campsite, a tranquil little site with views across the bay to Sark, Jersey and the coast of France. With a population of just 60, Herm is ideal for nature-lovers who want to get away from it all and feel the grass beneath their feet and the salty sea air on their face.

While only having a few human inhabitants, Herm does have a sizeable puffin population. During the April to July puffin season, Outdoor Guernsey runs regular puffin patrols around the local coast for visitors to see these curious little birds up close. It’s a must-see for any campers visiting the island.

Prices start at £9 per night, but Seagull Campsite often has special offers or packages available upon request.

Daisy Cottage

For a small, cosy campsite with beautiful views in a serene setting, you need to head to Daisy Cottage. Set in the west of the island of Jersey, Daisy Cottage is ideal for any city-dweller (or otherwise!) who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle and back to the earth. The stunning St Ouens Bay is just a quick hop, skip, and a jump away, and the site cares deeply about its visitors having a peaceful, relaxing stay.

Onsite facilities include yoga sessions, massages or a range of natural treatments to help soothe the soul. Whatever you want to do and however you want to relax, Daisy Cottage can help you do that. With prices starting at just £7/9 per night during May to June, it’s perfect for nature-lovers on a budget.

Whether you’re from the city and you want to get away from the noise and business of home, or you just want to try something new and really get back to nature, the Channel Islands offer a great range of campsites to choose from. The only question now is: where to first?

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