CAMPING GEAR | Putting The Vango Comfort 10 Single SIM To The Test

Vango Comfort 10 SIM Reivew

What is it?

Vango Comfort 10 Single Self Inflating Mattress (SIM)
RRP: £65.00



  • 10cm insulating foam – Exceptionally comfortable and warm
  • Carry bag constructed from soft, comfortable brushed fabric, allowing use as pillow.
  • Easy operation valve – Quick inflation and deflation, securely locking when not in use
  • Cyclone Valve – Allowing fast and easy inflation and deflation
  • Repair kit included
  • Materials used within the sleep mat meet and exceed the European REACH standard, ensuring safe use and peace of mind
  • Carry bag and securing straps included

Vango Comfort 10 Single SIM

The Verdict

I’m a recent convert to Self Inflating Mats (SIMs) and for the past couple of years I’ve been using the double Outwell Dreamboat SIM, which is great, but I often camp alone so I was keen to get my hands on a single SIM.

With a dodgy back and hips, I need a good amount of padding when I’m camping otherwise I wake up stiff. With a depth of 10cm, the Comfort 10 SIM looked more than capable of delivering on it’s promise of a comfortable night under canvas.

Vango Comfort 10 SIM ReivewAt 10cm thick this self inflating mat is super comfy and very generously padded

Thanks to the gorgeous spring weather, I’ve already camped several times this year using the Comfort 10 SIM and I absolutely love it. In fact, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Not only does it self inflate with exceptional ease (see my tips below for fully inflating a SIM), but it has kept me warm when camping in cold weather and it has enough padding to ensure I don’t wake up feeling stiff and achey.

Vango Comfort 10 SIM ReivewThe air valve that allows you to easily inflate and deflate the SIM

SIMs are so versatile, and I love the fact that this one is thick enough for me to use on it’s own, but I’ve also got a single camp bed, so for the ultimate in comfort the SIM can be placed on top of my camp bed to make things even more comfortable! Not only is the thickness of the padding great, but it is highly effective at insulating me from the cold when used directly on the floor and I love the fact it inflates with such ease.

If you’re looking to invest in a good quality SIM, then the Vango Comfort 10 really is worth considering.

Vango Comfort 10 SIM ReivewThe size of the SIM when rolled up placed next to a 0.6 litre water bottle for scale

Tips on inflating a thick SIM

The first time I used a SIM I was a bit baffled as to why after half an hour with the air intake open it was still only 50% or so inflated. I’ve since learned that the trick is to open the valve and leave for a few minutes. Next, close the value, then start to slowly roll the SIM towards the bottom end (further away from the valve) up to about half way down, or as far as you can go, as though you were taking it down to put away.

This forces the air through the foam and you’ll find the bottom half of the SIM will be full of air and much bigger and firmer. Then, unroll the section you’ve started to roll and open the valve again, you’ll hear air whoosh through this time, filling up the rest of the SIM. Repeat that process until your SIM is at full thickness.

If you can, it’s also worth storing your SIM flat which will make it more efficient at filling with air next time you use it.

Vango Comfort 10 Single SIMThe thickness of the Comfort 10 SIM, shown with the Vango Harmony Sleeping bag on top


  • Superb comfort levels
  • Quick and easy to inflate and deflate
  • No noticeable loss of air during use
  • Excellent insulation, my back wasn’t cold at all when camping with overnight temperatures of 2°
  • Lovely subtle colour with matching carry bag


  • Too large and heavy for backpacking/wild camping use

Vango Comfort 10 SIM Reivew

Thank you to Vango who sent the featured product for us to test.