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Hitrek Inflatable Sleeping Mat Elite 40D

What is it?

Hitrek Inflatable Sleeping Mat Elite 40D RRP: £29.99



  • Air cell technology
  • Made from Elite 40D Nylon
  • Light & durable fabric
  • High rip & tear resistance
  • Quiet with less crinkle sounds for a good nights sleep
  • Lightweight 0.5kg
  • Double waterproof TPU coating
  • Pack size 19cm x 8cm x 8cm
  • Inflated size 185cm x 59cm x 6cm

The verdict

Although I’m not short on space when I camp, I’d been looking for a lightweight air mattress aimed at backpackers as I’m hoping to do a spot of wild camping later this year.

As a dedicated glamper, all of my existing camping gear is far too bulky for wild camping and with my old back injury to take into account, comfort when camping is super important to me.

The Hitrek Inflatable Sleeping Mat cuts down on weight and bulk by using a honeycomb design of air cells, which also makes it really fast and easy to inflate by mouth.


At just 0.5k it weighs next to nothing and fits into a tiny carry bag that measures just 19cm x 8cm x 8cm which makes it extremely packable and it fitted with ease into the side pocket of my 45L Thule Alltrail backpack.

Hitrek Inflatable Sleeping Mat Elite 40D

To inflate, it’s easy enough to do it by mouth and takes about a minute to inflate the honeycomb cells. I was honestly dubious about how much padding it could possibly provide being so small and lightweight, so I lay straight down on it and was surprised to find it did offer a good level of comfort.

Once fully inflated the sleeping mat is about 4cm deep. Both of the SIMs I use on a regular basis are 7.5cm or more in depth and contain memory foam too, so I wanted to know how the diminutive Hitrek sleeping mat would perform in terms of comfort and warmth when camping in spring weather.

On the first night, I used the SIM on top of a folding camp bed, on the second night, I felt brave enough to use it directly on the floor of my tent.

Hitrek Inflatable Sleeping Mat Elite 40D
A side view of the sleeping mat

I tend to run very cold most of the time and often struggle with cold coming up through the floor when I’m on an air mattress. Over the recent bank holiday weekend though the mat did manage to keep me warm and I didn’t wake up as uncomfortable and stiff as I’d feared.

The sleeping mat isn’t padded enough to allow me to sleep on my side which is my usual preference, and when turning over and moving around, it does make a bit of a crinkly sound, but less so than the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir that I’d tried previously.

Final say

Our Rating

Quality 4/5

Practicality 4/5

Comfort 2/5

Value 4/5

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Although the mat doesn’t provide enough padding for side sleeping, for sleeping on my back it was adequate, and would certainly be good enough for a single night of wild camping.

Hitrek Inflatable Sleeping Mat Elite 40D

It’s important to mention too that I used it on 2 nights running, and didn’t need to reinflate the mat for use on the second night.

Of course it doesn’t offer the same levels of comfort as my 10cm Vango Comfort 10 SIM or my 7.5cm Outwell Dreamboat SIM but size and weight wise, there’s just no comparison.

For wild camping it’s perfect. It’s also ideal for using on top of a folding canvas camp bed to provide an extra layer of padding and insulation.

My single existing SIM is enormous and totally unsuitable for wild camping or carrying for any real distance, so whilst the Hitrek isn’t something I’d use for my regular, longer camping trips, for wild camping it’s perfect.

It’s also ideal for using on top of a folding canvas camp bed to provide an extra layer of padding and insulation, and for the price, it seems like good value for money too.

Thank you to Hitrek who supplied the featured product. We were not paid to write this review.

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